Friday, May 6, 2011

Current analysis of Pakistan US situation

Josh Hawley May 7, 2011-

The United States has known they have a problem with Pakistan ever since Abdul Qaddeer Khan, along with his cohorts, began proliferating Pakistani nuclear technology through the Saudis to Libya, Iran, North Korea, and confirmed efforts to bring the technology to Iraq.

With the Chinese coming out urging worldwide support for Islamabad, the United States has more reason to incite the Indians against Pakistan. The Chinese have taken a very firm stance backing Pakistan. China has gone so far as to indicate that it would not support the release of the Mumbai terrorists to Indian authorities in support of Pakistan. China has the weight to move Washington, with 2.85 trillion in currency reserves, and a huge trade deficit with the US they can afford flex their power. Chinese military technology is waxing bright. The US has good reason to worry about a conflict with Pakistan that would involve China. With the advancement of the so called carrier killer missiles, the US is a sitting duck in a naval involved conflict with Pakistan, which would be inevitable. The US took the impractical course of building its entire Afghanistan base supply line through Pakistan. This demands a huge naval support fleet for an extended Afghan based ground attack on Pakistan. It has been reported by British intelligence that they suspected that China assisted Pakistan in the development of its Nuclear program. This could be another reason for China's support of Pakistan, if Pakistan's complete nuclear program were to come to light, under the scrutiny of the American's, China could find itself implicated in nuclear proliferation.

This leaves the US at this point with practically no choice but to incite the Indians into an open conflict with Pakistan. The likely hood of a major false flag or real terrorist attack taking place on Indian soil at this point in time is much more likely than a major attack taking place in the US or Europe. However the desperation of the US to keep its control over world affairs might in fact dictate an all options policy including false flags in the US and Europe. Such a false flag attack in the US or Europe will only serve to destabilize US public cohesion, and lead to further internal instability. A direct US led attack on Pakistan involving the Chinese would end badly for the American's and they realize this. They therefore must involve the Indians, and that will not be hard to do after another Mumbai style attack or worse. India has a long standing rightful distrust of Pakistan, and this mistrust fueled by the Americans will quickly lead to open conflict.

Russian perturbation is increasingly exacerbated by US policy in regards to Libya, which now involves looting that sovereign nation's funds to support the rebellion factions. Surprisingly the US is backing known Al Qaeda members in its bid to overthrow Qaddafi. Russia is concerned about the US NATO European missile shield and has blocked the US in its attempt the build the defense system. This clearly indicates a build up in the Russians minds towards a large scale conflict involving the Europeans and NATO forces. Instead of capitalizing on the Soviet collapse, and integrating Russia, US led NATO never really changed its cold war stance toward Russia even after the collapse of the Soviet Union to; "keep the Russians out". The Russians are rightly concerned about US intention in Europe as well as the Middle East including especially Afghanistan and Pakistan. US dis-regard for international law as well as any opposition voice grows more flagrant day by day.
The likely hood of Russia joining China in its support for Pakistan is high. The open war between Pakistan and India will no doubt precipitate Russian involvement in the conflict leading to a wider war between Russia and the US.

United States has made the mistake of allowing its foreign policy to over run its domestic policy. This imperialist agenda is an extension of British banking monetary control over the United States. This has created a massive instability within the United States, and is practically bound to lead to greater domestic insecurity and potential wide scale political and economic unrest. Their is increasing disparity between states and the federal government. This disparity of the states could lead to internal conflict and open unrest up to the point of civil war between the states and the federal government. We believe the ultimate goal is to completely bankrupt the United States and reduce its influence to a solely military arm of British banking policy, which it largely already is. The United States federal government under the weight of its massive debt has little option but to comply with the bankers agenda. The complete reduction of the United States into the military/police state it is being set up to be, will also mean the eradication of the American free market system and the collapse of the dollar. America is being reshaped as an exclusively militaristic arm of the British Crown through debt to the British banking system.

The United States has made the bizarre move to ensure that its own military will be increasingly weakened morally by allowing the open recruit of homosexuals. This lack of principle at the head of US military leadership is practically guaranteed to lead the destruction of US hegemony which is only backed by its military. At this point in time the only strength the US carries is its increasingly frayed military. And with an increasingly ethically and morally weakened military it can only continue to make mistakes. Mistakes that will inevitably lead to World War III, (which will be nuclear), and the collapse of the American empire and Western Civilization as we know it.