Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden's Death; The Major Precussor to World War III?

Josh Hawley 2011-

While the world momentarily breathes a sigh of relief at the death of the world's worst terrorist Osama bin Laden, there appears on the horizon a greater terror not yet realized. The prospect of World War III now looms even more imminent.

The greatest saint in modern living history A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in the 1970's extensively spoke about and predicted, that world war three would ultimately foment between Pakistan and India, at the behest of the Americans.

With the apparently glaring and supposed deliberate ISI intelligence breakdown regarding the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, it markedly appears, that Pakistan was at some level or another supporting Bin Ladin. Bin Laden appears to have been hiding in plain sight just 90 miles from Islamabad in an affluent area of Abbottabad under the unofficial protection of Pakistan.
This smacks hard in the face of American-Pakistan relations, and no doubt will lead to a major reassessment in the public sphere of just exactly who The United States' real enemies are. After the celebrations and jubilation dies down you can bet American intelligence agencies, and American official policy in relation to Pakistan is going to take a major turn.

Pakistan has long been the bastion of radical Islamic extremism in the region and perhaps the world. India has suffered long at the numerous terrorist attacks that have originated in Pakistan. And Pakistanis are themselves subject to far too many civilian terrorist attacks from extremist elements within Pakistan. Pakistan in fact could be said to be much more dangerous than Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, and especially Afghanistan, for unlike these nations Pakistan is a confirmed nuclear state. Pakistan does posses a nuclear bomb. Perhaps this is the deterrent keeping the Americans from invading Pakistan for so long. And perhaps this is the real reason for the buildup in Afghanistan. Afghanistan with its newly built American bases will serve as an excellent launching point for the inevitable full scale war against Pakistan that looms.

India has long been pointing the finger at Pakistan, and released the following statement just after the death of Bin Laden was announced: "The killing of Osama bin Laden near Islamabad is proof that "terrorists belonging to different organisations find sanctuary in Pakistan", -Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram says.
According to the Indian government, 19 terrorists wanted by India currently reside in Pakistan. India squarely blames the Pakistani based terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba for the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. United States intelligence was for a long time lacking in this region of the world. The United States was admittedly caught off guard in 1998 when India made its second nuclear test since 1972 "Operation Shakti" and Pakistan followed a few months later with five nuclear devices code-named "Chagai-I".
The US CIA admitted at the time that it did not have intelligence on either of these nuclear operations either by Pakistan or India.
This must have sent shivers down the spines of senior American military and intelligence leadership.

It now appears that destabilization of the region starting first with Iraq, and Afghanistan was a long standing plan to make the potential war with Pakistan a less consuming affair. Iraq with its former leadership would have most likely joined Pakistan against the United States, as would Syria, Libya, and Iran. So the military and intelligence actions in the region serve the United States long term interest of taking out the Pakistani nuclear state. At this point Iran remains the only link in the cog to be taken out before the United States allied with India launches full scale, 'all options' war on Pakistan.

As details emerge about the United States knowledge of the whereabouts of Bin Laden going back as far as 2002, it appears that the operation to take him out was selected on the basis of a much larger plan leading up to full scale war with Pakistan. Or perhaps those old world tactics (couriers) are still much more effective than all of the modern gadgetry that billions and trillions of dollars can buy. In which case the United States is hugely underestimating the kind of war it will be getting itself into. It won't work to simply 'bomb them back into the stoneage'. In order to effectively bomb them back into the ston-eage, huge civilian population centers will have to be devastated. This will not sit well with public opinion anywhere in the world. Once the US makes the choice to go nuclear the whole thing will spin out of control.

Unfortunately for the world this war with Pakistan will be the ultimate undoing of modern civilization as we currently know it. For this will undoubtedly lead to World War III. We know that the US has been building its new alliances for many years, and no doubt the Europeans will come out in full support of the United States and India. This war will without a doubt go nuclear and India (the second most populous nation on Earth) will suffer massive losses. Russia and China will not be able to avoid being drawn in and will most likely go the side of Pakistan and the other Middle Eastern countries. The regional instabilities of Southeast Asia as well as the Korean peninsula will quickly spill over and erupt into the larger scale conflict. The same will be true for the long standing conflicts already erupting in the former European colonies of Africa and the Sub-Suhara. The United States has long been undermined from within, and is practically on the brink of internal collapse, a possible civil war may emerge within the American States further adding to the chaos.

The United States and Russia have long been the equalizing agents in staying off a nuclear war. Once the United States goes nuclear their will be virtually no reason for the other eight nuclear powers (including Israel) to refrain from nuclear action. This will result in unprecedented devastation and loss of life all over the planet.

So rejoice while you can, because this is nothing more than a brief respite in an increasingly escalating war that will wipe out huge numbers of population all over the planet.