Sunday, May 2, 2010

Illusion Sold- Josh Hawley Copyright 2010

Envious snake slither on ground.
Take aim and strike on the basis of sound.
Envious of the Name, and truths compound.
Darkness unveiled.
No longer hide in shroud.
Never surrender.
The fool and clown.
Knowledge stolen, illusion bound.
Atheist crowned.
Fruits of thy labor bound.
These four go down.

Hope-Josh Hawley Copyright 2010

Fighting so hard, hope against hope.
All I can do just to cope.
The weight of the world bearing down.
Atheists surround.
Taking their aim, they make their attack.
Cold calculated, despicable acts.
Envy in the heart, greed in fact.
Lust for what I have, a desire to control.
Misapplication of power, might makes right.
True wisdom foregone.

Bhagavan source, strength of the strong.
Unlimited power through beyond.
Surrender the key.
Opening up, another side shown.
Perfect life, save humanity.
Best use of a bad bargain.
Heart can see.
Awaken the soul, grant life eternal liberty.