Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Truth About Reincarnation and The Occult

-Josh Hawley July 10, 2011

Reincarnation is very simple to understand, and has absolutely nothing to do with the occult, illuminati, NWO, or other 'mumbo jumbo' mentioned by Paul Drockton in his article falsely titled: "Reincarnation explained".

Reincarnation goes something like this: You took your birth, your body changed from baby, to childhood, then again your body changed to adolescence, then to adult hood, and later your body will grow old, and eventually the body will decay and die. Its that simple.

Throughout this entire experience of bodies changing, something remains constant. That is the consciousness. The self who witnesses the changes going on within in the body is the actual person. That consciousness accompanied by its mental impressions (the mind) carries one to the next body. Just as a person takes off old clothes and puts on new ones according to ones desire, the soul, or consciousness similarly passes through different forms of life according to its desire.

Animals and other species of life pass through their bodies automatically according to the dictates of Material Nature. Consciousness gradually evolves throughout the process of reincarnation ultimately reaching the human form of life where consciousness is evolved. One in the human form of life has the ability to question: 'What is life?', Who am I?', 'Where did I come from?' etc. Animals lack this distinction for they are absorbed only in eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. Human beings who never question the goal of life are no better than animals.

The fact of the matter is that numerous religions including Christianity describe reincarnation within their texts. The philosophy of Reincarnation predates Western Occultism by several thousand years. Modern science, (not psuedo science) recognizes that the body completely changes every 7 years. Every seven years, every single cell within the body is completely changed, or replaced by new cells.

The fact of the matter is that reincarnation was taught within the Catholic Church until 553 A.D. The most famous passage in the Bible about reincarnation is in reference to John the Babtist, who formerly appeared as Elias. These are two distinct persons appearing at very different times historically, however they are referred to as the same person by the Bible.


The Hebrew scriptures prophesied that Elijah himself - not someone like him or someone in the same ministry as him but Elijah himself - would return before the advent of the Messiah.
(2) Jesus declared John to be Elijah when he stated that Elijah has come.
Based on these conclusions alone, either (A) or (B) must be true:

John was Elijah himself which means that Elijah reincarnated as John the Baptist. And if this is true then reincarnation must belong once again in Christian theology. It also means that the concept of corpses crawling out of graves on Judgment Day can be discarded. OR...

John was not Elijah reincarnated which means that Elijah himself did not return. And if this is true then either (1) or (2) listed below is true:

Malachi's prophecy concerning Elijah's return to life before the coming of the Messiah failed to happen. This would mean that God does not keep his promise and that the Bible is fallible. OR...
(2) Jesus was not the Messiah.

Based on all the logic presented thus far, only one of the following conclusions is true:
I. Reincarnation is a reality OR...
II. Jesus was not the Messiah OR...
III. Bible prophecies are not reliable.

There is no way around this logic. Only one of the above options can be true. And because Jesus' declaration that John is Elijah is overt and direct, then the only option that can be logically true is (A)."

"And the disciples asked him, saying, "Why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?"

But he answered them and said, "Elijah indeed is to come and will restore all things. But I say to you that Elijah has come already, and they did not know him, but did to him whatever they wished. So also shall the Son of Man suffer at their hand."
Then the disciples understood that he had spoken of John the Baptist." (Matt. 17:10-13)"

"Due to the condemnation of pre-existence (and reincarnation) by church authorities in 553 A.D., reincarnation became an enemy concept to the Judeo-Christian West. The reason reincarnation was declared heresy was given by Gregory, the Bishop of Nyssa. The five reasons he gave were:

(1) It seems to minimize Christian salvation.

(2) It is in conflict with the resurrection of the body.

(3) It creates an unnatural separation between body and soul.

(4) It is built on a much too speculative use of Christian scriptures.

(5) There is no recollection of previous lives."

These five reasons put forward by Gregory do not hold weight however in the light of modern experience. For in fact 5.their exist numerous authenticated cases throughout the world of recollection of previous lives. 4.It actually does not involve speculation on the scriptures, rather direct interpretation. 3.The body and soul exist as two distinct and separate entities anyways. The idea of a union between the body and soul is an unnatural concept and is the basis or justification of mammon or gluttony. 2.Resurrection of the body is utter foolishness. Nowhere in anyone's collective or individual experience in the history of the world do we find bodies rising from the grave. 1. Christian Salvation exists independently of the science of reincarnation.

This also does not preclude the common existence of reincarnation in the thought of humankind in much of the rest of the world where Western Occultic thought has little or no actual influence. Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Vedic, Vaisnava, Saivism, and most shamanistic traditions recognize the reality of reincarnation within their traditions. Some of these give extraordinarily detailed descriptions in very precise and scientific terms. Obviously these traditions predate Christianity, as well as modern Western Occultism, and thus their is simply no actual authentic correlation to the Occult with the actual concept of Reincarnation. The Vedas alone predate Christianity by at least 8000 years, Abhraham (Old Testament/Torah) by some 3000 years, and Zoroastrianism (the actual birth of Western Occultic Thought) by some 2000 years. Which means the idea of Reincarnation was in existence well before Western Occultism took its hold in modern thought. And more specifically the Occult DID NOT give birth to the idea of reincarnation. Paul Drockton's hyperbolic postulations about reincarnation are nothing more than absurd speculations in order to create fear and perpetuate ignorance. Maybe he is trying to sell more gold and silver? The actual science of reincarnation obviously bewilders Mr. Drockton and is beyond his scope of understanding.