Sunday, June 12, 2011

The New Kuruksetra

-Josh Hawley 2011

During the battle of Kuruksetra and the time leading up to it, there were many personalities who were associated with Lord Krishna both directly and indirectly. Persons like Bheesma, Jarasandha, Pandavas, Duryodhana, Dhritarashtra etc. There are great lessons, and many insights we can learn from the circumstances leading up to the great conflict involving the Lord's devotees, and associates.

We may analyze the growing rift developing amongst the devotees today in a similar way.
Duryodhana was well acquainted with Lord Krishna, and was even a friend of Lord Balarama. His brothers and Dhritarashtra were even related by blood to the Lord. However this relation did not preclude Dhritarashtra's selfish nature, and lust for absolute power and control over the devotees of the Lord, the Pandava's. ISKCON today can be compared to the perverted mind of Duryodhana coupled with the blind leadership of Dhritarashtra. ISKCON has allowed its lust for power and control to take over, and thus many Pandava like devotees have had their livelihood, and properties usurped by the evil minded GBC and Psuedo Gurus under the guise of Krishna Consciousness. Yes ISKCON has some association with Lord Krishna, and yes they have great power and wealth. But just like Duryodhana they are envious of the devotees, and just like Duryodhana they have in their employ many wicked Dushashans. And just like Duryodhana they are committing many offenses against the innocent devotees. But just like Duryodhana and his wicked minded followers they will all ultimately be undone. For by all analysis in the case of Kuruksetra, Duryodhana had an army that by all accounts should have crushed the Pandava's into dust. But this was not the case. Not all the wealth and power in the world could overcome the righteousness of the Pandavas. For they were directly protected by Lord Sri Krishna Himself. They never abandoned Dharma, and despite suffering extreme poverty and abject neglect they still ultimately emerged victorious.

The parallels are striking indeed. Just as during the Mahabharata era there were great saintly persons like Bheesmadeva the Great Mahajana... mahajena gata sa pantha pantha, whom we are advised to follow in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Yet who was ultimately facing Lord Krishna on the opposite side of Dharma on the battle field of Kuruksetra. Such a great and saintly personality became implicated on the opposite side of righteousness due to his long association with Dhritarastra and his sons. Even in ISKCON we find such great and saintly personalities like Bheesmadeva, persons who are worthy of worship and respect. Yet during the battle of Kuruksetra, Arjuna did not hesitate ultimately, to shoot arrows at Bheesma with the express intent of ending his life! Lord Krishna Himself, in fact did not hesitate to rush Bheesma when Arjuna's life was threatened.

There are personalities like Jarasandha who also was associated with Lord Krishna, but due to various perversions, and deviations were not able to clearly see the Lord or His devotees for what He and they actually are. Such persons today may be compared to the various opposition parties such as the Ritviks, who have grown in power and prominence but who are ultimately ripped in half by the powerful devotees like Bhimasena.

And just like the Pandava's there a numerous pious and simple devotees who had to suffer quietly in exile under the greedy thumb of ISKCON's Duryodhanas and Dushashanas.

ISKCON and its minions may gloat now, just as Duryodhana did when he tricked the Pandavas' out of their kingdom, however they should know it well, their will be retribution! Not individual personal retribution as the poor minded may think, but the retribution of the Lord Hari, who takes everything away.