Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is the Illuminati Waging War on Whites?

March 7, 2011

1945: Dresden was destroyed by British & American bombers killing 100,000 civilians.

by "Molecule"
for henrymakow.com

[Editor's Note: I cannot vouch for "Molecule's" references to Charlemagne and the RC Church, but his overall argument is compelling. After all, 60 million mostly White Christians died in the last world war, yet our attention is narrowly focused on the Jewish holocaust.]

Here are two quotes that may interest you. One is by Hitler, another by a man named Lindemann, who was Churchill's chief adviser during the Second World War, and both saying the same thing. The goal of the war was extermination of the white race.

In a speech to the Reichstag in 1942, Hitler says the "Jews" (aka the London bankers, aka the Illuminati) intend to exterminate the White race.

"It is clear to us that the war can only end with the destruction of the Germanic peoples or the disappearance of Jewry from Europe. On September 3, I already announced in the German Reichstag, and I am careful not to make rash prophecies, that this war would not develop as the Jews imagine, namely that the European-Aryan peoples will be destroyed. Instead, the result of this war will be the destruction of Jewry. For the first time! For the first time, others will not bleed alone! For the first time, the genuine old Jewish law will be applied: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!" And the more this war spreads, the more Anti-Semitism will spread. Anti-Semitism will be nourished in every prison camp, in every family which must be informed why they must sacrifice to the bitter end. And the hour will come when the most evil world enemy of all times will have played out its role for a thousand years."

While being fully aware of their plan, Hitler was also a stooge. For starters, to confuse their enemy, his Jewish-Illuminati controlled advisers had cooked up this smokescreen of Indo-Aryan theology. It proposed that white Europeans are a wandering transplant, like a weed that blew across Asia, from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tibet.

It's possible the whole Aryan thing was an intelligence operation designed by Goebbels to distract attention away from the plain and simple, original history of the white European people. As a distraction, it would keep the white European race confused and unaware of its own dignity, origins and history, including pyramids recently discovered in Serbia which are larger, predate, and are more precise, than the Egyptian ones.

The lluminati is planning yet another war to eradicate all memory of the White race.

The Khazarian hatred of White people began with the original war between Charlemagne and the Roman Catholic Church. From its beginning, the Roman Catholic Church has been a religious smokescreen for the Venetian bankers who controlled the "Holy Roman Empire."

At a grass roots level, Charlemagne continued the war that Mohammed's armies had waged. Both the Roman Catholic Church and its Anglican spin off have always been religious smokescreens and intelligence operations, controlled by Khazarian- Venetian- London bankers, and their opium pushing pharmacists.

This larger view of history cannot be suppressed any longer. A cabal of mongoloid rapists and child molesters (aka the Illuminati) intends to exterminate the white European race, and all memory of its contributions to science and human consciousness.

To review, the Roman Caesarians, including all of the Catholic Popes to follow, were nothing but a pack of wet sock-puppet perverts, appointed by their early Khazarian overlords, then operating from a banking outpost in Venice, from whence they financed the silk trade. (Try to pronounce the word "Caesarian" without the psy-ops effect of that soft and mellifluous-C ... see what happens when you try to say the word Caesarian with a hard-C instead!) The Caesarians (politicians with a soft-c) were sock puppets for the Khazarians (bankers with a hard one). As usurers, thieves, interlopers, rapists, murderers, driven only by the laws of jealousy and vengeance, they set together out to subsume and destroy the White race.

Continuing with the extermination of the white race by the Khazarian Illuminati, both sides of the American Civil War were run by drug dealing Illuminati, in London and Paris.

The white soldiers, both sides North and South, who weren't slaughtered outright, were made into heroin addicts. Upon their discharge, they were given a bag of heroin, a syringe, and a leather pouch to wear around their necks.

The Boar War and Crimean War were also run by the Khazarian Illuminati (again with dumb Brits as their stooges). Their goal was the same. Destroy the white races in South Africa and the Ukraine. World War One destroyed much the white populations in Europe.

The unpayable debt frauds of the Versailles Treaty were then converted into assets, that funded the New York Illuminati bankers who then stole farmlands, and factories from productive white farmers and inventors in America.

(The Versailles Treaty also created a one-world Illuminati control of all opium trade. The Permanent Central [Opium] Control Board, is still housed in Lake Success, Long Island, New York. It is right across the East River from the UN building. The Secretary General of the UN comes under the thumb of the hidden Permanent Control Board. The Secretary is required to submit his report to the Permanent Control Board.)

2624186.jpg(Lindemann right, & family)

To corroborate Hitler's statement above, and two millennia of history, we now have this quote from Churchill's chief aide, also an Illuminati Jew, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell. (b. 5 Apr. 1886, Baden Baden; d. 3 Jul. 1957, England-?, son of Adolph Friedrich Lindemann and Olga Noble, widow of a wealthy Connecticut banker named Davidson.

How fake a name is that? "Olga Noble!" Reportedly, she was kinky, vivacious and lithe as well. Illuminati Jews will move into town and adopt any name, or they will just make one up. Words mean nothing to them ... especially the family name, the name of a father. The Windsors are not the Windsors. They are the Battenbergs.

It was the Illuminati Jew Lindemann who came up with the Allied plan for bombing the civilian populations of Europe during World War Two. He proposed saturation bombing for purposes of terrorism and not for military effect.

He argued that the primary targets should be the family homes, schools, churches and neighborhoods of the white European peoples. Terrorist bombing of the wives and children, and homes, schools and churches of the factory workers, he said, would frustrate military production more than direct bombing of factories would. The Holocaust of Dresden was the culmination of his Illuminati Jewish dream of humiliating, exterminating, and silencing of the white European race.

So, on top of Hitler's quote above, we now have Lindemann's quote that affirms that long-range goal as well. From "The Prof: A Personal Memoir of Lord Cherwell" by [Sir Roy Forbes] R.F. Harrod, Macmillan, 1959, pp.261-262, we have:

"Do you know," he [Lindemann] asked, "what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age?" "Well, what is it?" [I, Sir Roy Harrod, asked.] "It will not be Hitler and the Second World War. ... It will not be the release of nuclear energy. ... It will not be the menace of Communism. ..." These negatives seemed very comprehensive. [And note that they are all the work of the Illuminati!] He put on an expression of extreme severity, and turned down the corners of his lips. "It will be the abdication of the White man." Then he nodded his head up and down several times to drive home his proposition.

The Illuminati will be remembered for their "abdication" of the White man.
Lindemann was extremely intelligent, and could have chosen the word extermination, to mean physical elimination. So, why did he choose "abdication," in the sense that he used it.

In its usual context, the word abdicate presumes a voluntary action ... a king abdicates a throne, for a woman for example.

But, Lindemann, who was known as "the Professor" and was clever with words, used it in an unusual involuntary sense. His meaning of "abdication" has to be derived from its roots.

The root word is "to speak," from a conjugation of Latin "dice." Thus, to give dictation, is to speak, with authority, and intention of preserving the words for history.

The prefix ab- requires total negation. To be abdicated, as used in the involuntarily context of Lindemann, the Illuminati Jew, is to have all authority to speak taken away from you.

For a population to be abdicated, it must suffer a fate that goes far beyond mere physical extermination. An exterminated population can still speak through the power and beauty of its contributions to human consciousness. But an abdicated population is a population that has been involuntarily deprived of all ability to speak. Not only has it been exterminated in a physical sense (we all die), but an abdicated population has also lost its ability to be even vaguely remembered, for the beauty of its contributions to ongoing advances of human consciousness.

Lindemann, the Illuminati Jew, says future historians will regard as the most important event of this age the "abdication of the White man."

If the last two centuries or last two millennia are any indication, the primary long range goal of the Khazarian-Illuminati-Jewish has always been "abdication" of the White race, meaning not only physical extermination, but also total abdication, including all memory of their contributions to science and consciousness.