Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aparadha on Sampradaya Sun

There was an article on Sampradaya Sun today by Narasimha (Nash) Selvester. He pointed out very nicely the deeper meaning of apa-radha, as going against Radha. He also very nicely pointed out the actual saving grace of this planet earth, indeed of the entire universe. That bhajan to the Supreme Grace going on in the dhamas.

I should like to add a point to this discussion. ISN'T IT A GREATER MISDEED TO WIDELY BROADCAST SUCH APARADHA??? Would not such an aparadhi have a voice if it weren't for Sampradaya Sun? Even if such an aparadhi were to repent, it is the Sun's Editorial policy not to remove any articles, even at the request of the author.

I call on the Editor of the Sampradaya Sun to stop publishing such clearly offensive material for the sake of not only his own spiritual life, but that of all the conditioned souls who venture to seek the name of Krishna on the World Wide Web, innocently being bewildered by the increasing cesspool of aparadha being broadcast via Sampradaya Sun.