Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Goal Of Feminism

The feminist agenda doesn't wish to empower anyone. Women included. The feminist agenda actually degrades women from their power position of Mother, nurturer and feminine provider.

The feminist ideology seeks to destroy the family entirely. First by denying men their manhood, then by allowing women to kill their own children in the womb, and finally by taking away what makes a woman great; motherhood.

Feminists don't want to see any display of masculinity whatsoever. Their goal is to make all men homosexuals, and see the birthing process reduced completely to artificial insemination. A masculine male who provides for his family and takes care of his children is a threat to the feminists who wish to see the family unit completely destroyed.

Feminist thought, feminism is a product of Zionism, the evolution of Talmudic thought. The Zionist agenda is to reduce all non Jewish races into slaves of Zion... The only way this is possibly is to break up the family unit of the 'gentile' races. Thus the introduction and promotion of feminism by the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled government.