Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Fallacy of Hinduism

Josh Hawley-

I am continually surprised and amazed whenever I meet supposedly educated pandits, who know the Vedic mantras and the different yajnas and samskaras but who are simultaneously grossly ignorant of the origin of the concept of Hindu. I met a pandit the other day who was speaking about "our Hindu Dharma."

This idea is a gross fallacy and the fact that it is being perpetuated by the pandits and brahmans of India is a testament to the power and efficacy of the subjugation of India first by the Moghuls and then by the British.

The first Muslim invaders who ransacked India came upon the modern day Indus River, (in those days known as the river Sindh) and they simply labeled all the people on the other side of this river as Hindus since they could not properly pronounce the word Sindh. This label "Hindu" was perpetuated for nearly eight hundred years of muslim ransacking and rule. This labeling of the whole population of India as Hindu was further perpetuated and in a sense perfected by the British who enlisted the help of scholars like Maxmillian and other Sanskrit scholars to actively mis- translate the Vedas in favor of the European held view of Christianity.
This mistranslated version of the Vedic Sastras was then systematically taught in all education institutions throughout India as the system of "Hindu Dharma".

However upon careful examination of the Vedic Sastras, Puranas, Upanishads, Itihasas, Tantras etc, we find no mention of the word Hindu anywhere through out.
Indeed the only proper terms to identify the culture of ancient India (Bharata Varsa) is Varnasrama Dharma or Sanatana Dharma.

To say that one is a Hindu is an admission that one is a subjugated and conquered individual first by the Muslims and then by the British.
The idea that the Vedic sastras are mythical or made up is wholly ridiculous and entirely contradicts the very supposition of an absolute platform from which religion is supposed to be based.
Further evidence of the Vedic Culture is found through the world. In Russia there is what is known as the Russian Veda. In Europe the Scandanavian countries are known as such due to the Ksatriyas who lived there worshiped the demigod of war known as Skanda. In Brazil have been found the Deity form of Hanuman. In Greece the ancient worship of Rhoda and Kristos (RadhaKrishna). Etc etc. Not to mention the countless numbers of verbal histories handed down through out numerous indigenous cultures throughout the world.

The Puranas or histories of Bharata describe that all people are coming from India or Bharata Varsha. The Africans were forced out of Bharata for there unscrupulous habits of theft etc. The Egyptians left India because they were worshiping the Sun as the Supreme. The Yavanas or Turks are mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam, and were eventually driven out of India for their failure to properly follow the Vedic injunctions. Lord Parasurama drove out the Ksatriyas or the Europeans etc.

From the Vedic literatures we find mention of all the races currently occupying the planet, as having descended from the land of Bharata and having originally belonged the the great Vedic Culture. Linguists recognize the root of all languages as Sanskrit.

Nowadays in our highly politicized and ignorantly divided world there is little room for the truth. Indeed if the light of the truth of the Veda reaches the mass of mankind in its actual form the whole of humanity will be liberated from its blind destruction.